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Regius Connecticut

Gurkha Ninja

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As most of us know, The Gurkha brand produces many expensive Super Premiums. When they launched the 90 rated Ninja line about 10 years ago we weren’t surprised. What did surprise us was the price! Not only was this a well received addition for us who knew the brand, this edition gave everyone else that stayed away an amazing medium bodied smoking experience for just over $5 a stick. I have to admit, depending on what source you read, you’ll notice some discrepancies about the Ninja’s makeup. While its made in the Dominican Republic the binder is Cameroon and the filler is Nicaraguan encased in a Brazilian wrapper. All shop talk aside, this is a terrific smoke with a great draw that’s smooth down to the band with a kind of sweet espresso taste that’s just enough. Origin – Dominican Republic Filler – Nicaraguan Binder – Brazilian Wrapper Type – Cameroon

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